The Good Samaritan Society of America was established in November of 1995. Twenty-eight people including twenty members of The Grace Chorale, from Fridley, Minnesota, traveled to Fiditi, Nigeria, Africa to participate in the launching event on December 23, 1998. In April of 2001, 63 Americans and 10 British Nationals attended the Impact 2001 program at the 28-acre Mission Village. We are looking forward to hosting 100 people in the year 2005 to dedicate the Mission Village for public use.
The Good Samaritan Society Mission is an outreach of the Good Samaritan Society of America. This outreach was established to improve the local community. Over the years, the rural populace has suffered undue neglect and this has resulted in a movement to urban centers. The cities have become the only place where young school graduates and others thought a means of livelihood could be earned, but whenever this becomes unrealistic they engage in terrible social vices.
The majority of the populace sees government as the only avenue of making a living. The advent of democracy in the Nigerian nationhood was welcomed with great enthusiasm, knowing that individual’s interest will be well protected and that citizen can now pursue liberty and happiness in a peaceful, competitive, creative and development-oriented environment. The Nigerian people are now able to freely worship our God without government interference.
The Government cannot single-handedly provide everything that its people needs, hence this private Christian initiative. We believe that any system nurtured with love of others, concern with the welfare of the people under a just and God faring environment, even in a turbulent period, will stand the test of the time and will not fail. Therefore, we must all join hands to make this project succeed for the benefit of the people.

1998 Musical Mission Trip:
In December of 1998, twenty members of The Grace Chorale, and six other people from Grace Evangelical Free Church journeyed to Nigeria to present seven concerts and take part in a groundbreaking ceremony for the Good Samaritan Society Mission Village in Fiditi, Oyo State.
We were deeply touched by the love and friendship extended to us by the people of Nigeria. The warm smiles on their faces to us were pure and genuine in their hearts.
The Good Samaritan Society of America is bringing hope to this part of Oyo State and the people of Fiditi area through this mission project. This rural area is very poor and carries with it the scars of years of corrupt military rule. For some of our members whose, this trip was their first traveling out of the United States of America could not believe such level of poverty and the neglect of basically all essential infrastructures.

We presented two free musical concerts in Lagos and from Ikeja left for Fiditi to participate in the groundbreaking ceremony at the Mission Village, Fiditi. The next eight days saw us through Ogbomasho, Ilorin, Lokoja, Kaduna, Jos, and Abuja. In all the towns and Villages that we visited, we were all well received and royally welcomed. It was a wonderful experience with a desire to return to Nigeria again.

Impact 2001- A Musical Outreach to Nigeria, Africa:
April of 2001 we returned to Nigeria and called the effort “IMPACT 2001.” Sixty-eight (68) members of the Grace Chorale & Orchestra and several people from the United Kingdom converge in Fiditi, Oyo State; Nigeria in collaboration with the Good Samaritan Society of America to present a musical concert titled “My Utmost for His Highest.”
As we are back on American soil … the experience of Nigeria and the wonderful people of Africa continue to impact our lives. Several people have now committed their time and energy to support the effort of the Good Samaritan Society of America and to further the mission effort to the people of Nigeria. A committee has been formed to share our experiences and seek donors and organizations as partners in this Mission project. Many volunteers have come forward to train Nigerians in our computer-training program in Oyo State and doctors have volunteered to assist in the development of our Medical Center.