Don’t be Afraid to Ask Even if You Don’t Know Them Directly

Supporting Missionaries – Missionaries usually keep their family, friends, and community up-to-date in some form. Even if you are not a part their “circle” without a doubt, they will warmly welcome you into their circle and keep you up to date with their work and personal needs if you asked.

Praying for missionaries is not an activity that should be taken lightly. Over time, your prayers create a bond as you share in both the tears of joy and disappointment that comes with that line of spiritual work.

Working as a missionary can be lonely, so in this short series, we’re going to go over how and in what ways your prayer can make a positive impact in the lives of missionaries.

Knowing What to Pray For

Supporting Missionaries with your prayer should start with gaining an understanding of the region they are ministering in. Pray for the leaders in their service country. Pray for the freedom to spread the gospel. For political stability.  Find out as much as you can about the country, its history, and the current social environment.

Ways to Gain Knowledge of a Prayed Upon Region

• Read the papers

• Watch TV or YouTube

• Use background information from the agencies the missionaries are working with.

• Check-out or buy a book on the region from the public library or local bookstore.

Organizations Need Prayer Too.

Missions work doesn’t always have to mean an individual in a foreign land following Christ’s call to the Great Commission.  The Good Samaritan Society of America takes the idea of the missionary and applies it on an organizational scale, driving greater impact by combining the resources of many and focusing it on a singular cause.

Don’t assume your prayers are no longer needed because the missionary work is being carried out through an organization.  In fact, your prayers are needed even more, as an organization has several more points of needs than an individual may have.


If God is calling you to support our vision and our mission, praying for The Good Samaritan Society of America is a great place to start.  Feel free to get in touch with us or check out how you can further get involved.


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