The focus of our projects is to re-engineer the economic activities of the rural communities in Oyo State.
Our visit to Nigeria, especially, Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Kaduna, and Jos revealed the potential endowment of the Nigerian nation.

Our plan is to create a plain-leveled field (regardless of religion and ethnic origin) of opportunity where honesty, integrity, honor, and where, obedience to the commandments of God and the laws of the land are a foundation in all decisions. We shall intentionally participate in the rural economic development by actively investing in agricultural productivity and increase income-generating potentials of the local farmers. We shall also collaborate with other corporate and private entities (nationally and internationally) to strengthen and expand food and cash crops based agricultural projects that will empower the rural community. Currently, over seventy (70) people who are engaged in employment at the Mission Village have greatly improved the economy of the community, which has led to a reduction in crime and various social vices. We believe that God is glorified through the growth and well being of His people.

To bring our vision to reality, the Society has acquired land at Fiditi that will house among other things: 1. A Community Center that will facilitate activities such as seminars, civic education, and social/racial interactions. The Community Center is nearly completed and within it is the Grace Hall that can accommodate one thousand people, six classrooms, Convertible Fellowship Hall that has a capacity for 250-300 people and its grand floor will be used as a Banquet Hall and available for community use also. On September 16, 2002, we launched our School of Continuing Education at the Community Center. This is a program that is specifically designed to help students who have failed or done poorly on the national test that determines further educational opportunities.

2. A modem Medical facility with state of the art technology. The hospital is currently under construction. It will include three surgical suites, one hundred and twenty-six rooms with a capacity of nearly 200 beds.
Right now, we are seeking to bring major Hospital Organizations in the United States of America into a collaborative venture to affect our medical services at the Mission Village.

3. An academic environment that will include a standard high school, a vocational training center, a computer and technical center and a music school. Educational plans and curriculum development are at this point in the beginning stages. We anticipate that the secondary school will begin operation in the fall of 2005.
Ninety-five percent of all donated funds go directly to the cost of materials and workers to build the mission village facilities. The remaining five percent will be used to disseminate information for the purpose of generating continued support for the ongoing development of the mission.
We believe that our success in Oyo State shall be an impetus to duplicate the project in other parts of Nigeria and hopefully, that other like-minded organizations and individuals will join hands with us in this endeavor to accelerate rural development in Nigeria either collectively or individually.