Nigeria is a “pivot point on which the future of all Africa will turn,” President Clinton, of the United States of America, said at a joint press conference after a White House meeting with Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, who’s pledged to establish democracy and clean up corruption.
According to the United Nations census, Nigeria with a population of 108 million ( other census figure varies from 120-130million population) represents one of every six Africans and one in every two West Africans (population figure: Africa – 622 million, West Africa – 201million). This again underscores the importance of Nigeria on the continent and it makes the country an appropriate target for our mission’s initial outreaches.

Every society is in many ways unique and different from all others. Understanding this uniqueness and differences is what make us value each other. That is why the mission of the Good Samaritan Society of America is people focused and to appreciate the culture of the people that we are called to serve.

Our visit to Nigeria has brought us to one of the most powerful Kingdom of the 13th century- The Oya Empire and our experience with the Alafin of Oyo, Kabiayesi Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III was one encounter that everyone who has the opportunity to visit Nigeria would wish not to miss. While at His Royal Highness Place, we were treated to various cultural shows and observance.

Muslim, Christian, and indigenous believers alike are employed by the mission. Each day, before the workers begin the daily task, they take the time to pray together. It is reported that Muslims and indigenous believers are all very receptive to this Christian effort, through the work of the Holy Spirit, because of their involvement in the mission.
A testimony from the community is that stealing of livestock has been an ongoing problem. However, since the beginning of the mission projects, stealing has become almost extinct.
The local people see American involvement in Nigeria as a very good thing. Even the Governor of OYO State has stated that this project will serve as a model of freedom and private enterprise for all of Nigeria. He also said, “Not only are you employing the people but you are bringing dignity to the community”.

The society is currently embarking on a significant mission project in Nigeria, Africa estimated to cost more than 3.5 million in US dollars (N490, 500,000.00 local exchange rate-Naira). Church organizations, corporate entities, and the general public in the United States of America donate all our funds.