The Vision:

“What we do right now will have an accumulated effect on all our tomorrows” – Alexandra Stoddard.

The vision of the Good Samaritan Society is to establish centers of economic and spiritual development in Nigeria expanding into the broader continent of Africa.


The Good Samaritan Society is determined in creating an enabling environment where skills and talents can be fully developed.  Our objective is to create communities where Christian values are an avenue to provide spiritual nourishment and physical needs. Along with this, our goal is to solicit private and corporate involvement in this venture and make the Mission Village the hub of employment opportunities and social interactions for the surrounding communities and Nigeria. We hope to attract other industries to the mission village to spur its growth and development.

Other goals of this society include, but are not limited to, the following:

1) To organize short-term mission outreaches for youths and adults in the USA to mutually share core values with youths and adults in Nigeria.

2) To build a new world through education that is based on God’s commandments for His children. Education, both formal and informal, forms the bedrock of growth and development in any society.

3) To bring peace and comfort to the soul and body of the sick through Modem Medical Health Care Services. Much attention is being placed on good health care that is available, affordable and within reach.

4) To educate and train children in a wholesome and God-fearing environment, thereby getting rid of cultism and other social vices in our society.

5) To help the needy, individuals, groups, organizations, and others as led by the Spirit of God. We will complement the government’s actions by helping people in the society and thereby reduce the incidence of social neglect.

6) To include a fully developed music and computer education for Nigerian youths comparable to what is available in the United States of America.