10 Prayer Points for Missionaries

Don’t let not knowing the exact needs of missionaries stop you from supporting them with your prayers.  Here are 10 prayer points for missionaries that you can include in your daily prayer time.

For the Missionaries

  1. Being a missionary overseas is exciting and rewarding, but it is also challenging.  Separation from family, friends, and community can leave missionaries without a support network.   Praying for people to enter their lives that can correct, advise, and will encourage their work.
  2. Being able to connect with those you’re attempting to share God’s love with depends on an understanding of their language.  Pray for the ability to grasp a new language,  as well as understand its nuances.
  3. Missionary service cannot be enduring without building strong bonds within the community they are trying to serve.  A prayer point for missionaries here is for developing good relationships in their local area of service.
  4. We can all understand how traveling to a foreign country can be shocking.  Returning home, especially after multi-year missions can be equally shocking for missionaries.  Praying for ease of adjustment back to the life they knew in their home country is important.
  5. Loneliness and isolation can easily be one of the most difficult challenges for missionaries in the field.   In the reverse, missionaries may find themselves overwhelmed and overworked in their desire to give fully of themselves to the cause. Pray for good, sustaining friendships that uplift, holiday arrangements that renew spirits of joy & thanksgiving, and the wisdom to know when time should be taken to relax and unwind.

For the Families of Missionareis

  1. The families that missionaries leave back home also need our prayers.  Ask that God would look after them and their caretakers during the time of absence.
  2. It’s not unheard for missionaries with children to sometimes serve in places where bringing the family along isn’t possible.  A prayer point for missionaries in these situations could be for emotional understanding and strength. Pray that the children do not resent their missionary parents for choosing to serve in a situation that causes separation.
  3. When separated missionary families are able to reunite, pray for happy family times together which strengthens bonds.
  4. Another prayer point for missionaries is for the ability of their children to succeed in their academics in the midst of the challenges that come with living and serving in a different land.
  5. Last but not least, pray that those serving aboard will feel at home in their new country, culture, and climate.

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